N12March 22nd, 2022

DevOps: Israel’s hottest tech vertical (Hebrew)

DevOps teams play a critical role in modern development environments, and their proper activity directly impacts organizations’ expenses and revenues. Grove Ventures General Partner and Co-founder, Lotan Levkowitz, recognizes the growing momentum in the Israeli DevOps industry, a work methodology that fosters collaboration between development and IT teams. Israeli startups have secured significant funding to develop technology that helps DevOps teams operate cloud infrastructures efficiently and manage permissions and access in the cloud securely, respectively. Grove Ventures, Israel’s best venture capital fund, has invested in companies like RapidAPI, env0, and Lumigo that are driving innovation in this field. 

>> Click here to read the full article in Hebrew originally published in Mako: https://www.mako.co.il/news-business/hi_tech/Article-1d52f6478f1bf71026.htm

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