A Go-To Guide for Trust & Safety, Tech’s Most Pressing Issue

17 Aug 2021 | Lotan Levkowitz

Tech companies are expanding their resources to meet Trust and Safety challenges and prevent harm stemming from online interactions. Grove Ventures’ latest investment in ActiveFence, a category leader in the space, provides a rare vantage point into the creation of... More >

Chipageddon: The Chip Shortage in ~1500 Words

13 Jul 2021 | Renana Ashkenazi

CCSI International is a family-run company from rural Illinois that makes electronic dog-washing booths. All they need is soap, water, and a dirty pet — and, well, some computer chips to control their machines. Oh boy. With Jaguar, Ford, Subaru,... More >

Silicon Photonics: Revolutionizing Data Centers at the Speed of Light

24 Mar 2021 | Lior Handelsman

Photonic-plug technologies have the ability to enable high-speed optical connectivity for next-generation data centers, high-performance computing, 5G, sensor, and other datacom applications. This article was co-written by Lior Handelsman and Renana Ashkenazi Data Centers, dedicated spaces used to house computer... More >

The Next Big Step in Remote Communications

10 Jan 2021 | Omri Green

A new approach to digital communications will change the way we work, interact, study, visit the doctor, socialize and play. It’s often hard to explain the market in which one of our deep tech portfolio companies operates. This is because we are constantly looking for bold entrepreneurs who anticipate the market, understand its challenges, and invent solutions ahead of time. They tend to focus on markets that do not yet exist or are not yet well defined. More >

How BeyondMinds Convinced Us They Can Build the AI Bridge Organizations Have Been Yearning For

24 Nov 2020 | Lotan Levkowitz

The story of how a team of brilliant minds convinced us they have the AI skills needed to allow large companies to make a leap forward and overcome the challenges of deploying and scaling AI. More >

Family Physicians: The AI Generation

15 Oct 2020 | Lotan Levkowitz

How two founders who formed the IDF AI Lab joined forces to transform healthcare, starting with Primary Care. The Navina Story. Navina, the developer of an AI-driven platform for primary care physicians, announced today the completion of a $7 million Seed funding round led by Grove Ventures. More >

Spac­­­­e-Tech: To Infinity and Beyond

06 Sep 2020 | Grove Ventures

The increasing privatization of the space industry brings a new generation of space companies with innovative and affordable solutions to the field. More >

Lior Handelsman Joins Grove Ventures as a Partner

20 Jul 2020 | Grove Ventures

Handelsman is the second partner in our venture capital fund who had established a multi-billion-dollar company in Israel. Lior Handelsman, Partner, Grove Ventures. Photography: David GarbGrove Ventures’ investment team, which specializes in deep technology investments and partners with early-stage outstanding... More >

env0 Announces $3.5 Million in Seed Extension from M12 and Crescendo

15 Jul 2020 |

The new funding will be used to accelerate R&D for its self-service cloud management platform More >
Self-Service Cloud Environments - Grove VC

AI cancer treatment startup Nucleai raises $6.5 million in series A round

08 Jul 2020 | Calcalist

Nucleai’s software uses computer vision and machine learning algorithms to predict the progress of cancerous tumors as well as the patient’s immune system response in order to determine the most efficient treatment More >
with Nucleai co-founders Lotan Chorev (right), Eliron Amir, Avi Veidman, and Albert Achterberg.

When Cash is King, Knowledge is Queen

24 Jun 2020 | Lotan Levkowitz

Grove Ventures General Partner Lotan Levkovitz explains the importance of gathering fast and accurate insights at times of crises, and propose a few ideas on how to transform an organization into a part-time intelligence superpower, without significantly increasing its expenses More >
Top Secret - Grove Venture

env0 Announces $3.3M Seed to Bring Control to Infrastructure-as- Code

22 Apr 2020 | Omri Green

Omri Green shares his insight about our recent investment in env0 More >
Grove Venture with ENV shirts

env0 Announces 3M Seed Round to Bring More Control to Infrastructure as Code

21 Apr 2020 | TechCrunch

Env0, a startup that wants to help companies bring some order to delivery of Infrastructure as Code, announced a $3.3 million seed investment today and the release of the Beta of the company’s first product. More >
Walking Inside binary code - Grove Venture

Announcing Grove II, Our New $120M Fund

18 Feb 2020 | Dov Moran

Grove ventures invests in visionary entrepreneurs developing hard-to-replicate solutions at the intersection of tech, science & market needs More >
Grove Venture partners

Advancing the Automotive Sector in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

11 Feb 2020 | Lotan Levkowitz

As manufacturing goes digital, automotive companies seeking to form strong, transformative, and reliable Industry 4.0 partnerships may do well to look to Israel for opportunities. Read more in an article by Lotan Levkowitz which was originally published on Deloitte Insights More >
the Automotive Sector Revolution - Grove Venture

Mapping the Israeli Deep Tech Ecosystem

29 Jan 2020 | Omri Green and Tal Ben-Moshe

Grove Ventures together with IVC Research Center, conducted a comprehensive research mapping more than 150 local startups which operate in the Deep Tech ecosystem. It is our pleasure to share with the world the 2020 edition of the Israeli Deep... More >
The Israeli Deep-Tech Ecosystem

What to Consider When Evaluating an Investment from a Corporate VC?

23 Jan 2020 | Sigalit Klimovsky

"It’s natural to think that all funding entities are the same. However, the investor you choose may have significant implications in the long-term". Read more about what you should consider when evaluating an investment from a CVC from Grove Ventures’ General Partner, Sigalit Klimovsky More >
Arrows Diagram - Grove Venture

Frontier Tech: Israel's First Deep-Tech Conference

19 Jan 2020 | Grove Ventures

Grove Ventures and Cybertech Global invite you to attend Frontier Tech, Israel’s first summit dedicated to the development and promotion of cutting edge next generation technologies. The event will take place at Pavilion #2 of Tel Aviv Expo, on 28.1.2020... More >
Frontier tech summit - Grove Venture

Nothing but Net: Pivoting Startups Like NBA Superstars

19 Jan 2020 | Lotan Levkowitz

A pivot is a fundamental concept in the startups’ world and one of the most challenging phases in a startup’s life cycle. Read more about IF, WHEN and HOW you should pivot in this article from Grove Ventures' General Partner, Lotan Levkowitz. More >

A Beginner’s Guide to Quantum Computing Buzzwords

05 Dec 2019 | Omri Green

Following the growing interest of the media and the general public in quantum computing, our GP Omri Green is offering a Beginner’s Guide to Quantum Computing Buzzwords. More >
Two-Qubit Gate Fidelity (Network Quantum Information Technologies — NIQT)

TriEye Wins a Double CES 2020 Innovation Award

10 Nov 2019 | TriEye

TriEye's technology was selected as a recipient in the Embedded Technologies category, as well as Vehicle Intelligence and Transportation, based on its engineering, aesthetic and design qualities, user value, unique features and product innovation compared to other products on the... More >
TriEye prospect - Grove Venture

Is the Age of Quantum Computing Closer Than Imagined?

28 Oct 2019 | Omri Green

Google publishes a Nature article claiming it achieved quantum computing supremacy, IBM quickly rejects, and Grove Ventures’ Partner Omri Green explains how both companies’ achievements mean great things are ahead for the quantum computing industry. More >
Quantum Computing - Grove Venture

On the Trail of Start-Ups in Tel Aviv

06 Oct 2019 | Porsche Magazine

Grove's Sigalit Klimovsky was Featured in Porsche Magazine Review of the Israeli Tech Ecosystem More >
Sigalit Klimovsky Featuring in Porsche Magazine

Porsche invests in Israeli start-up TriEye

21 Aug 2019 | Techcrunch

Porsche’s venture arm has acquired a minority stake in TriEye, an Israeli startup that’s working on a sensor technology to help vehicle driver-assistance and self-driving systems see better in poor weather conditions like dust, fog and rain More >
Porsche Car - Grove Ventures

APIs 101 for VCs

13 Aug 2019 | Renana Ashkenazi on Medium

Always wondered how everyone else make their lives easier with APIs? Take a look at Renana Ashkenazi's blog on how to utilize and integrate Rapid API's offering with Google Sheets to create easy and productive tools for task automation More >
APIs 101 for VCs - Grove Ventures

TriEye was featured in ISRAEL21c article on how technology helps self-driving cars see well in all weather conditions

11 Aug 2019 | ISRAEL21c

Our portfolio company TriEye was featured in an article by ISRAEL21c showcasing how the company's technology helps self-driving cars see well in all weather conditions More >
TriEye technology - Grove Venture

NeuroBlade has announced the completion of a $23 million Series A financing round

26 Jun 2019 | Globes

NeuroBlade is developing an artificial intelligence (AI) chip for the inference stage for both data centers and end-devices. The financing round was led by Check Point's co-founder Marius Nacht, with the participation of Intel Capital More >
Elad Sity and Eliad Hillel

Rapid API raised a $25M Series B round from Microsoft

11 Jun 2019 | TechCrunch

We're thrilled to share that Rapid API, a Grove Ventures portfolio company, raised a $25M Series B round from Microsoft, DNS Capital and Andreessen Horowitz. More >
Grove Venture with RapidAPI-team

Intel Capital leads $17 million round in automotive sensor maker TriEye

28 May 2019 | VentureBeat

TriEye announced today completion of a $17 milion Series A financing round led by Intel Capital. Other investors include Marius Nacht, co-founder of Check Point Software Technologies, and TriEye’s existing investor Grove Ventures, headed by TriEye chairman Dov Moran. More >
TriEye2 with Grove Venture

3DSignals featured in Handelsblatt magazine

19 May 2019 | Handelsblatt (German)

Ariel Rosenfeld, CEO of 3DSignals, was featured in Handelsblatt magazine's coverage of the company and its engagement with the German industrial ecosystem More >
Ariel Rosenfeld

Nucleai Partners with Protean BioDiagnostics to Improve Cancer Diagnosis

10 May 2019 | CIOReview

Nucleai has partnered with Protean BioDiagnostics to build "Protean QA Service Enhancements - Powered by Nucleai" an advance diagnostic tools to be utilized by in labs,urology centers and hospitals throughout the US More >
Nucleai Partners - Grove Venture

5 Tips for Industry 4.0 Startup Entrepreneurs

17 Apr 2019 | Lotan Levkowitz

Our partner Lotan Levkowitz shares his 5 tips for entrepreneurial success when establishing an Industry 4.0 start-up. More >
Industry 4.0 - Grove Ventures

3DSignals Raises $12M

15 Apr 2019 | Business Insider

3DSignals, a Grove portfolio company, announced a $12M A round today. The funds will aid 3DSignals in developing its innovative Asset Performance Monitoring solution, and bridge the gap to manufacturing digitalization, also known as ‘Industry 4.0’. More >
Grove Venture Partners at 3DSignals

People First - Investing in Lumigo

29 Jan 2019 | Lotan Levkowitz

We are proud to share that Lumigo, a Grove portfolio company that lets developers gain control of their Serverless operations, has exited stealth mode and has announced its extraordinarily substantial seed investment. More >
Grove Venture with Co-founders: Aviad Mor & Erez Brekner

Lumigo Scores $8M Seed Round

23 Jan 2019 | TechCrunch

Lumigo, a Grove portfolio company, announced a $8 million seed round today, as it emerged from stealth to help companies monitor serverless architecture. More >
Lumingo - Grove Ventures

Why did we invest in Wiliot

14 Jan 2019 | Dov Moran

Today it was announced that Wiliot, a Grove portfolio company, added Amazon Web Services, Avery Dennison and Samsung to its original investor group for a $30 Million Series B Funding Round. More >
Wiliot with Grove Venture partners

Wiliot nabs $30M from Amazon, Avery Dennison, Samsung for a chip that runs on power from ambient radio frequencies

14 Jan 2019 | Tech Crunch

As we continue the quest for better and more efficient sources of energy to link up our connected world, companies that are developing new power solutions are attracting attention. More >
Wiliot logo with simbol- Grove Venture

Grove Ventures Academy: What is Startup Funding?

11 Dec 2018 | Ben Ofer

Every startup starts as an idea. Often, to make this idea a reality, you need to have the capital to both help you develop, build, and execute the plan, and to establish a working, living, breathing, and hopefully, super-successful business. More >

Grove Ventures Academy: What is Seed Investment?

01 Dec 2018 | Ben Ofer

Seed Investment is the first official stage of equity funding in a startup’s lifecycle. The seed money assists the company in financing its first steps, including product development and market research. The “seed” investment helps the company in this very early stage to take an idea, then form and grow its business. With a successful strategy and enough revenue generated, the company will grow into a “tree”, and both the founders and the investors will enjoy the fruits of their labor and dedication. More >

Dov Moran: I want to be one of the world’s best investors

27 Nov 2018 | Globes correspondent

The Israeli disk-on-key inventor has set up Grove Ventures and tells "Globes" he wants to help other entrepreneurs through venture capital investments.... More >
Dov Moran - Grove Venture pic 1

Autonomous car nano-optics co TriEye raises $3m

19 Jun 2018 | Dubi Ben-Gedalyahu

The Israeli company has developed SWIR sensors to provide autonomous cars heightened visual capabilities in restricted visual conditions at significantly reduced cost. More >
Grove Venture Partners

Mapping the Israeli Industry 4.0 Ecosystem

15 Mar 2018 | Lotan Levkowitz

Industry 4.0 is a term which refers to the fourth industrial revolution, introducing advanced manufacturing techniques, combined with artificial intelligence... More >
Israeli innovation diagram - Grove Venture

AI-assisted cancer diagnosis co Nucleai raises $5m

06 Mar 2018 | Dubi Ben-Gedalyahu

Nucleai, which is developing an artificial intelligence system for computerized analysis of biopsies, has raised $5 million in a round led by Grove Ventures and Vertex Ventures. More >
Nucleai Partners - Grove Venture