Tech12, Founder's ChoiceFebruary 9th, 2023

Founder’s Choice: Grove Ventures Voted #1 Best VC Fund In Israel

The Founder’s Choice list of venture capital funds most loved by entrepreneurs published its second iteration from a survey of over 1000 VC-backed startups. VC Grove Ventures, established in 2017 by Dov Moran and Lotan Levkowitz, is the sole representative from Israel on the list, ranking 26th. Initially founded by Moran and Levkowitz, the fund has since welcomed Lior Handelsman, one of the founders of Solaredge, and Renana Ashkenazi as general partners. With assets exceeding $500 million, Grove Ventures has made investments in numerous companies through its three funds, including Rapid, Wiliot, ActiveFence, Nucleai, env0, Luminescent, Navina, and Ramon.Space.

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