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Brings transparency to the supply chain

Reshapes vision systems with the implementation of SWIR sensors at scale

Allows monitoring and debugging for modern cloud applications

Fundamentally changes how large data volume workloads are processed

Transforms Precision Medicine powered by AI-Pathology

The next-generation API platform for developers

Empowers developers to easily manage, deploy, scale and control all their cloud environments

Earth-like computing in space

The Essence of Primary Care. Advanced by AI

The end-to-end tool stack for Trust & Safety teams

Enables manufacturers to digitalize and connect their machines to the cloud

An immersive video avatar technology that doesn’t rely on VR


The open source package for Machine Learning validation

Brings scalable fiber connectivity to photonic chips

The automated intelligence Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) platform

The leading IoT platform for urban mobility

The unified, dynamic data operations platform

Illuminates the druggable Proteome for better cures

Enterprise-grade security for private LTE/5G networks

Develops a processor for a fully functional photonic quantum computer

Develops a continuous glucose monitoring system utilizing next-generation sensing technology

The world’s sustainability intelligence platform

A clean energy engine for efficient, economical waste heat upcycling

A system for accelerated memory performance and capacity for data centers

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