We are Grove Ventures

Dov Moran

Managing Partner

Lotan Levkowitz

General Partner

Renana Ashkenazi

General Partner

Lior Handelsman

General Partner

Liat Koren


Tal Ben-Moshe

VP Operations & IR

Ben Ofer

Marketing & Communications

Einat Drutin

Human Capital

Guy Zinman


Tal Abuloff

Senior Associate

Avihai Lederman


Efrat Shulman-Arad

IR Associate

Ran Huber

Financial Planning Analyst

Hila Levisohn

PA to Dov Moran

Ofrat Hellerman

Executive PA

Our Principles

The fund’s core principles are putting people first and constant focus on value creation

#People First

We celebrate founders. Dreamers. Innovators. Category-definers.

Entrepreneurs who figure out what mainstream markets need before they do – and invent it. People who challenge the status quo and change the world for the better.

We’ve personally carried out all aspects of establishing tech companies, developing innovative solutions, and scaling up globally.

We understand the journey, value your talent, and we allow you to build it in your own, unique style. We believe that people are at the heart of every success. That’s why we got your back through thick and thin. Night and day.

We are with you all the way, so you never feel lonely at the top.

#Creating Value

We know that as a founder you have a lot on your plate.
And we are here so that you can concentrate on creating phenomenal products.

Grove Ventures’ team, built of experienced investors, veteran entrepreneurs, and company builders, provides early-stage startups with the needed support to become great companies that shape the future of the world.

We channel our global networks and expertise to make your life easier through every step of the way.

We are your secret marketing experts, putting the word out there for you.

We connect you to global partners and leading customers.

We are here to create value.

We hunt for top talents.

We advise on management, product, and finance.