The Deep Future is Now!

Why Grove?

Grove has been an essential part of 3D Signals since its inception and instrumental in opening doors to leading Industry 4.0 multinationals
Ariel Rosenfeld, CEO
ariel_rosenfeld - Grove venture capital
Grove's founders-first approach has been fundamental for building Env0 from the first day, helping us constantly and creating value
Ohad Maislish, CEO
Ohad Maislish, CEO of Grove venture capital
Grove’s broad industry networking and deep operational experience helped us shape our plans and connect with customers and partners
Tal Tamir, CEO
Tal Tamir, CEO of Grove vc israel
Grove are very active in helping us tackle crucial challenges and helping us to recruit top notch people as part of our team
Erez Berkner, CEO
Erez Berkner, CEO of Grove venture capital fund
Grove’s team listen, support and make us think outside the box. They are fully committed to our success and became an indispensable part of our team
Avi Veidman, CEO
Avi Veidman, CEO of Grove venture capital israel
Grove is always there to guide us through difficulties, dilemmas and the endless challenges that arise during the process of creating a tech venture
Avi Bakal, CEO
Avi Bakal, CEO of Grove venture capital fund
Grove have turned the world around for us.
Their nonstop - hard work - push forward attitude is something every entrepreneur should have by his side
Elad Sity, CEO
elad_sity, CEO of venture capital israel

Building the Deep Future


Grove Ventures is a venture capital fund in Israel which believes that the Deep Future is now.
We lead the tech innovation in Israel by empowering exceptional founders.
Those who are determined to shape the future and our lives through cutting-edge technology.

This is not a short sprint but a long marathon.
We are prepared to accompany, guide and support you for the long run through thick and thin.
brain diagram - Grove Venture

Working for You

Just Ask!

With our direct approach and global experience, we'll roll up our sleeves, work hand in hand with you from inception through growth and lead you through the path to global market leadership.


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