The Deep Future is now.

Grove Ventures is a leading early-stage venture capital investment firm with over half-a-billion dollars under management. We partner early with exceptional Israeli entrepreneurs who believe that the Deep Future is now and are ready to build it.

Wiliot- Founders

Tal Tamir, Wiliot

Hesham Taha, Teramount

Noam Schwartz, ActiveFence

Mor Brokman

Mor Brokman,

Elad Ben Israel, Wing Cloud

Elad Ben Israel, Wing Cloud

Shir Chorev, Deepchecks

Eran Seger, Protai

Early partners to exceptional founders who are building tomorrow, today.

Grove Ventures is home to visionary Israeli founders with extensive domain knowledge. At the core of our methodical investment strategy lies the conviction that disruptive innovation will shape the Deep Future in multiple sectors, laying the foundations for this hyper-digitalized era.

Our companies

Provides the end-to-end tool stack for Trust & Safety teams

Brings transparency to the supply chain

Empowers developers to easily manage, deploy, scale and control all their cloud environments

Illuminates the druggable Proteome for better cures

Accelerates the progress from data processing to dev analytics

Designs and manufactures Earth-like computing for space

Allows monitoring and debugging for modern cloud applications

Deciphers the essence of Primary Care through the use of AI

Here for you all day, every day.

We learn from the past, live in the present and believe in the future.

We are value creators.

We partner with exceptional founders and provide constant support for startups to become great companies. We let you lead your business your own way while always being there for you and your team to assist with business advice, building your network, fundraising, attracting top talent, marketing, customers, and partnerships. Our value creation efforts bring tangible results both to our portfolio companies and to our LPs.

We have the network.

We put people first, always. Therefore, we have strong relationships with some of the world’s largest corporations, leading global investors and top talents. We use our personal connections to create rapid growth for your company and make sure you become a market leader.

General Partner Renana Ashkenazi at Grove Ventures’ The Future of Digital Health and Bio Tech event at the Swiss Embassy

We understand what it takes to build a business.

Tech is our business. We have a desire for continuous learning, we constantly educate ourselves on new subjects, innovation, and developments and we have two former entrepreneurs in our team who had built technology-focused multi-billion-dollar businesses.

Mingling at the Grove Ventures’ Tech Leaders Event