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Israel’s Best VC Fund By Founder’s Choice: Grove Ventures

Founder's Choice Best VC Funds

Grove Ventures is extremely proud to be ranked as the only Israeli fund voted on by founders at Founders’ Choice (making it to #26 out of 250 VCs globally)! It’s a true honor to be recognized among the world’s top VCs that founders recommend working with and to be included in the top 50 for the 2nd time in a row. Grove Ventures was founded with two core values in mind: always putting “People First & consistently “Creating Value” for our founders and their companies. Khosla Ventures, the renowned venture capital firm founded by Vinod Khosla and known for backing Square and GitLab, has claimed the #1 spot, and Union Square Ventures, which held the top ranking in the previous release of the rankings in September 2022, down to #2. 

Grove Ventures’ high ranking among the world’s best VCs is a testament to the exceptional partnership and support that we offer to our portfolio companies and it means the world to us to see that founders who work with us, choose us!

What is Founder’s Choice?

Founder’s Choice is a list of the top venture capital funds in the world, as ranked by founders themselves. The list was created by coders Jerry Ye and Daniel Tao, with the support of Roy Bahat from Bloomberg Beta, and provides startup founders with a unique opportunity to express their perspectives anonymously and cast their votes on the venture firms that they are closely associated with. By collecting and processing feedback from founders who have worked with VCs, the system provides valuable insights into the quality of support and partnership that VCs offer to their portfolio companies. The list is updated every six months, ensuring that it’s based on the most up-to-date and reliable information, and has already seen some extreme placements like Andreessen Horowitz’s leap from 339 to fourth place. This honest and dynamic ranking provides valuable insights for founders seeking the best VC partners for their ventures and lets VCs know how they’re doing in the eyes of their founders.

What Makes Grove Ventures the Best VC Fund In Israel, As Ranked By Founders?

Choosing the right venture capital partner is a pivotal decision that founders face on their entrepreneurial journey. The search for a partner who aligns with their vision, values, and growth aspirations can be a daunting task. Recognizing this challenge, Grove Ventures is committed to standing out from the crowd by providing unparalleled support and value to portfolio companies right from the earliest stages of their startup ventures.

Grove Ventures’ core principles as a VC are “People First” and “Creating Value”. The team at Grove Ventures comprises a dynamic blend of experienced investors, veteran entrepreneurs, and seasoned company builders. This diverse expertise allows us to offer startups the much-needed guidance, mentorship, and resources to transform their ideas into thriving companies.

Founder’s Choice has recognized Grove Ventures as a preferred venture capital fund for the second time in a row. In the inaugural ranking released in September 2022, Grove Ventures secured a respectable position at #46 and was one of two Israeli funds that made it to the list. In this latest ranking, Grove Ventures’ has leaped to an impressive #26 and is now the only Israeli fund to make it on the list.

Furthermore, Grove Ventures stands out as the best VC fund in Israel as it was the only one to make its mark on the Founder’s Choice ranking. This distinction underscores Grove Ventures’ significant contributions to the thriving Israeli startup ecosystem and our commitment to fostering innovation and growth within the region.

With a proven track record of success, Grove Ventures continues to solidify its position as a trusted partner and catalyst for startups seeking to make a lasting impact. Grove’s unwavering dedication to our core principles, combined with the expertise of our exceptional team, sets us apart as a leading force in the venture capital landscape.

How The Best VC Funds Are Ranked?

Founder’s Choice is a ranking system that anonymously collects and processes feedback from founders who have worked with VCs. The ranking system uses data from venture-backed founders, and only VC firms with more than 100 comparisons from founders are included. To take part in the process, founders are required to undergo verification by logging into their LinkedIn accounts. Once verified, Founder’s Choice leverages the comprehensive database of Crunchbase to identify the venture capital investors associated with the founders. The founders are then presented with a series of head-to-head choices, where they must select between two of their actual investors. They are prompted with a series of questions such as “Which (firm) would you rather have as an investor?”

This latest iteration of the ranking witnessed a remarkable surge in founder participation, with feedback provided by a diverse group of 1,077 founders, nearly tripling the sample size from the last release. Notably, 689 of these founders are newcomers, bringing fresh perspectives and insights to this iteration of the ranking. The increased level of participation adds more accurate context, ensuring a more comprehensive representation of the global venture capital landscape.

Grove Ventures’ dedication to providing exceptional support to their portfolio companies has earned them a well-deserved spot on Founder’s Choice list of the best VC funds and distinguished us as the only Israeli VC fund to make it on the list. 

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