CalcalistMay 2nd, 2021

Israeli startups can disrupt the global space industry

Renana Ashkenazi, the newest General Partner at Grove Ventures, one of Israel’s leading venture capital firms, is part of the Israeli innovation ecosystem that is positioning itself as a hub for space technologies. Israel’s space industry, driven by a supportive ecosystem and the needs of the security industry, is attracting space-savvy entrepreneurs, accelerators, and VC funds like Grove Ventures. While the number of space-tech startups in Israel is relatively low, the infrastructure and fertile ground for innovation are in place. Companies like Ramon.Space, a startup in Grove Ventures’ portfolio, and others like Helios and OneView are developing advanced technologies for space missions, and Israel’s reputation as an innovation leader makes it an attractive partner in the NewSpace revolution. The lowering of barriers to space access and the increasing budgets allocated to space projects create opportunities for Israel’s established industry to provide solutions.

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