Schneider ElectricAugust 28th, 2020

Innovation at the Edge Podcast: Dov Moran and Lotan Levkowitz on Why the Adversity Quotient (AQ) is Important for Founders

In this podcast episode, host Emmanuel Lagarrigue speaks with Dov Moran and Lotan Levkowitz from Grove Ventures, a leading Israeli VC fund, about the increasing investment in start-ups in Israel compared to other geographies. Dov Moran, known for inventing the flash drive and deeply involved in Israel’s start-up ecosystem, discusses why the deal flow for deep tech start-ups is expected to be larger this year. They emphasize the importance of an entrepreneur’s ability to handle adversity, disappointment, and adapt to changing circumstances as a crucial quality for success in the start-up world.

>> Click here to listen on Apple Podcasts or watch the full podcast originally published on YouTube:

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