CalcalistNovember 18th, 2021

Grove Venture’s roundtable at Mind the Tech NY: “There is plenty of data, but it is difficult to use it”

Industry experts participating in a roundtable discussion hosted by Grove Ventures, a prominent Israeli early-stage venture capital firm, at the Mind the Tech NY 2021 conference, brought attention to the difficulties associated with harnessing the immense volume of data that is accessible. Asaf Cohen, CEO of Metrolink, expressed frustration over the underutilization of collected data and the lack of effective solutions and emphasized the need for simple tools that can generate value from data, improving services and savings for customers. Tomer Poran, VP of Sales at ActiveFence, discussed the company’s focus on protecting internet users from online risks and combating issues like human trafficking and fake news. Ronen Lavi, CEO of Navina AI, emphasized the importance of providing doctors with personalized and accessible patient information for better and quicker treatment. Metrolink (now Datorios), ActiveFence, and Navina are portfolio companies of Grove Ventures. 

>> Click here to read the full article originally published in CTech:,7340,L-3922859,00.html

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