CTechNovember 22nd, 2023

Dov Moran Joins CTech’s Startup Nation United

This CTech article features Dov Moran, the Managing Partner of Grove Ventures, as a voice of optimistic resilience amid challenging times in Israel. As a prominent figure in Israel’s high-tech scene and a prolific investor at one of Israel’s best VC funds, Dov Moran was invited to join an episode of “Startup Nation United” with hosts Michael Matias and Yaffa Abadi, going on to encourage entrepreneurs to move forward with determination despite the recent and ongoing tragic events in Israel. The “Startup Nation United” series highlights individuals and organizations in the tech industry contributing during difficult times. Moran reflects on the personal impact of recent tragedies in Israel and emphasizes the innate resilience ingrained in the nation’s DNA. As a fund supporting Israeli entrepreneurs, Dov sees these leaders pushing forward despite collective loss, likening the recovery process to learning how to walk, run, and drive again. In the face of uncertainty, Moran’s message is one of hopeful resilience, asserting that the recent attack did not destroy innovation, entrepreneurship, or the high-tech industry in Israel.

>> Click here to read the article and watch the podcast episode originally published in CTech: https://www.calcalistech.com/ctechnews/article/bjl00kdsep 

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