ForbesJune 10th, 2022

Data Transformation Begins With The CEO

Ronen Korman is a Co-Founder and CEO at Datorios (formerly known as, a data transformation framework company that offers a unified DataOps platform for building, adjusting, and deploying data pipelines at organizations with maximum efficiency. He emphasizes the importance of CEOs taking the lead in data transformation within their organizations. While many CEOs express the desire for their companies to be data-driven, they often struggle to effectively work with the available data. Korman stresses the need for CEOs to understand the value of data and asks key questions about its relevance, accessibility, and potential. He believes CEOs are encouraged to lead by example, work with data, and set the right priorities to inspire their teams and achieve maximum benefit from data transformation. Datorios is a portfolio company of VC Grove Ventures, one of Israel’s best venture capital funds.

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