AxiosMay 6th, 2024 Raises $15M to Manage Operating Rooms, the AI optimization platform for healthcare, announced today the successful raise of $15M in series A funding from Grove Ventures, NFX, Secret Chord Ventures, impact investor Sir Ronald Cohen, and Unbox Ventures. specializes in optimizing healthcare operations through the application of advanced AI technology. The company’s optimization engine runs billions of permutations in seconds and is tailored to make predictions based on industry-specific factors, automatically generating alternative schedules that significantly improve resource allocation. Given that the potential revenue of each unused minute is $50-$150 and that empty ORs carry a cost of $1,000 for each unused hour, the technology’s impact is enormous. By implementing, hospitals generate an additional  $1M+ per OR while reducing costs by $500,000 annually and remaining resilient in the face of unforeseen delays or events. The platform also allows OR planners to generate longer-term quarterly and yearly block allocation plans to increase OR utilization by 10% and generate cascading savings and revenue. The ROI for hospitals typically takes only 3-4 months. is already deployed by leading hospitals and healthcare centers in the US and Israel and is collaborating with leading Health Systems.

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