ForbesJune 11th, 2022

Forbes Under30 Summit EMEA: The (Not So) Secret Ingredient In Startup Nation’s Success

Renana Ashkenazi, General Partner at top Israeli venture capital fund Grove Ventures, attended Forbes Under30 Under30 Summit EMEA, bringing together inspirational young founders, leaders and mentors, focused on harnessing entrepreneurship to drive positive social and environmental impact globally. She and other former members of the elite 8200 unit, a highly regarded intelligence unit in the Israel Defense Forces, discussed the process of joining the unit, which involves rigorous tests and training that focus on learning capabilities and teamwork. The panelists attribute the success of the unit to a combination of the type of individuals selected and the unique training and problem-solving approach provided. However, Unit 8200 is also known for its entrepreneurial alumni, who are reshaping technology not only in Israel, but around the world. They highlight the importance of resilience, the ability to find answers, and learning from mistakes, which are qualities they apply in running their own companies and mentoring others.

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