March 16th, 2021

Jerusalem-based photonics firm Teramount raises $8 million in Series-A round

Teramount, a provider of optical connectivity solutions for ultra-high bandwidth applications, has raised $8 million in a Series-A round. The round was led by Grove Ventures and saw participation from Amelia Investments, former intel EVP and company chairman David Perlmutter, and other undisclosed individuals.

This funding comes at a critical time for the semiconductor industry as it faces the need to provide ever faster bandwidth. To meet this demand, silicon-photonics have been attracting more and more attention and adoption by semiconductor vendors. However, while the silicon side of things has a mature standarisation behind it, the photonics side is still mostly an in-house, customised build that ends up being cost ineffective, hampers scalability, and reduces reliability.

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