CTechJanuary 9th, 2023

Grove Ventures’ Renana Ashkenazi Shares Her VC Predictions for 2023

A comprehensive survey conducted by CTech among Israeli venture capital funds (VCs) indicates that seed investments are becoming more attractive than unicorn investments in 2023. Several factors contribute to this shift, including the availability of billions of dollars in VC funds, a global financial slowdown, entrepreneurial opportunities, and the maturing of the local ecosystem. The focus is shifting toward early-stage startups and seed investments due to the challenges faced by growth companies in monetizing their technology. Renana Ashkenazi of leading Israeli VC fund Grove Ventures is determined to invest in Israeli early-stage entrepreneurs who believe that the “Deep Future is now and are ready to build it”. While there may be a slower pace of investment and longer processes, the dry powder available in VC funds ensures continued investment activity in the seed round. 

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