GeektimeJune 25th, 2023

Renana Ashkenazi on Geektime’s Podcast for Startups: “Pick your business partner even better than you pick your spouse”

Renana Ashkenazi, General Partner at Grove Ventures, one of Israel’s most prominent venture capital funds, shares insights into the investment process from a VC’s perspective. She highlights the key questions that interest investors in every meeting with entrepreneurs. The fund focuses on early-stage startups with a deep technological focus, and the team takes into consideration factors such as market size, team strength, product differentiation, and protected technology during the investment process. Ashkenazi emphasizes the importance of a strong team and the need for startups to be prepared for financial due diligence and to explain their assumptions behind the numbers.

>> Click here to read the full article or listen to the podcast in Hebrew originally posted on Geektime:

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