The ColliderJuly 19th, 2021

Lotan Levkowitz on Unleashing Value as an Early Stage Startup Investor

Lotan Levkowitz, Co-founder and General Partner at VC Grove Ventures, named one of Israel’s best VC funds, discussed his firm’s values, which emphasize putting people first and changing the world. His day-to-day involves meeting with entrepreneurs, executives, investors, and ecosystem players. He focuses on four main pillars: investor relations, deal-flow and sourcing new companies, ecosystem engagement, and working closely with portfolio companies. He serves on multiple boards because of the talented people leading those companies and the challenges and potential they offer. Levkowitz also founded the Israeli Industrial IoT Forum and II4 Conference to bridge the gap between manufacturing supply chains and technology innovation. He advises entrepreneurs to be customer-focused and get obsessed with customer needs from the early stages of their startups. 

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