VC LeadersFebruary 10th, 2022

An Interview with Lior Handelsman: The Deep Future is Now

Lior Handelsman, General Partner of Grove Ventures, a leading venture capital firm in Israel which raised $185 million in its 3rd fund only 6 years after the firms founding, discusses his transition from being the founder of SolarEdge to becoming a VC investor. Handelsman explains that he was motivated by the opportunity to meet talented people and advise them in solving real-world problems. Drawing from his experience at SolarEdge, he emphasizes the importance of optimizing critical elements while accepting that not everything needs to be perfect. Handelsman believes that investors with an entrepreneurial background have a better understanding of the value they can bring to the table. He also acknowledges the increasing expectations for VCs to generate higher returns and highlights the competition in the VC market. 

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