CalcalistJanuary 24th, 2023

Grove Ventures’ General Partner, Lior Handelsman, Presents At Climate Tech Talk & Network Event (Hebrew)

Lior Handelsman, Co-Founder and General Partner of Grove Ventures, a leading Israeli VC fund, believes in the immense potential of climate-tech and its ability to address various environmental challenges. He sees climate-tech encompassing solutions for food treatment, emissions reduction, and nature restoration. Handelsman envisions climate-tech as a transformative industry with significant opportunities for growth, but he acknowledges the challenges faced by companies in this field, particularly in dealing with conservative customers and securing financing. He emphasizes the importance of finding suitable products that can be feasible on a small scale and partnering with distributors to navigate the unique sales models in climate-tech. Despite the difficulties, Handelsman is optimistic about the increasing interest of talented entrepreneurs and investors in the climate-tech sector and its potential to become a major industry in the future.

>> Click here to read the full article in Hebrew originally published in Calcalist:

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