CalcalistMay 19th, 2021

How Israeli B2D is storming the market

Lotan Levkowitz, a General Partner at Grove Ventures, one of Israel’s top venture capital funds, is a prominent figure in the Israeli B2D (Business to Developer) market. He emphasizes the growing importance of developers as decision-makers and gatekeepers in organizations. B2D companies like Lumigo recognize the value of catering to developers and offering products that simplify their work. Lumigo, founded by Erez Berkner and Aviad Mor, provides a platform for monitoring and analyzing the serverless environment. Grove Ventures is one of Lumigo’s leading backers, actively supporting B2D companies in the market. The Israeli B2D sector is experiencing significant growth and attracting high valuations, leading to a “perfect storm” of opportunity, particularly fueled by the acceleration of digital transformation during the pandemic.

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