GeekTimeJune 15th, 2022

High Tech on the Low Podcast ft. Renana Ashkenazi: Investors want market validation

Renana Ashkenazi, a General Partner at leading Israeli venture capital fund Grove Ventures, shares insights on what investors look for in worthwhile investments. She emphasizes the importance of market validation and advises founders to come prepared with thorough research and impressive pitches. Ashkenazi believes that a strong founding team is crucial for success, stating that a mediocre product with an exceptional team is preferable to a fantastic product with a mediocre team. Grove Ventures focuses on investing in businesses that have market potential and can generate profits. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to evaluate investors and make sure they are worth their time before seeking funding opportunities.

>> Click here to read the full article originally published in Geektime:  High Tech on the Low 57: Investors Want Market Validation 

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