PLANETechFebruary 21st, 2023

Planetech Interview with Doron Tamir, Co-Founder & CEO, Luminescent

Doron Tamir embarked on his climate journey in 2008 in the solar energy industry, discovering that a broader range of solutions was needed for zero-emission energy. In 2020, he founded Luminescent with the goal of disrupting the energy industry by developing a small and efficient heat engine. Currently, most electricity generation is inefficient due to wasted heat, with approximately 70% of global energy produced being lost as waste heat. Luminescent’s liquid-based heat engine utilizes an isothermal process that can capture, reuse, and store waste heat for cleaner energy solutions. The company has built two generations of its heat engine and plans to conduct pilot projects in 2023, aiming to make its first sales in 2025. Luminescent is a portfolio company of VC Grove Ventures, one of Israel’s best venture capital funds.

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