HaaretzJuly 22nd, 2020

Grove Ventures invests in Ramon.Space: The Israeli company that has come as close as possible to the sun

Ramon.Space, an Israeli chip maker, is making significant contributions to the “New Space” revolution, which involves the privatization of the space sector. The company’s semiconductor chips have been used in various space missions, such as the European Space Agency’s Solar Orbiter, the first Israeli spacecraft (SpaceIL Beresheet Lander), the ExoMars project, and the Hayabusa2 asteroid sample-return mission. Ramon.Space chips are also set to be launched to Jupiter’s moons in the search for signs of life. The startup, which is a portfolio company of Grove Ventures, one of Israel’s leading venture capital firms, aims to be a leading player in the market of earth-orbiting satellites and emphasizes the importance of independent “blue-and-white” technology for Israel in space. 

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