Tech12December 31st, 2022

Dov Moran Interviews With Tech12 On How Entrepreneurs Can Navigate the Current Market (Hebrew)

Dov Moran, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Grove Ventures, one of Israel’s best venture capital funds, reflects on the current crisis, drawing parallels and differences with the dot-com crisis. He recalls the fear and learning experience during the dot-com era and highlights the maturation of the tech sector today. Moran points out that companies now have more practical business models and real success. The crisis exposed the lack of trust between private and institutional venture capital, with some institutional investors entering the market late and losing money. Unlike the dot-com era, entrepreneurs today focus on building empires rather than quick exits. The tech industry’s resilience and importance in modern life are likely to remain central in future crises.

>> Click here to read the full article in Hebrew originally published in Tech12:

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