PR NewswireMarch 8th, 2023

ActiveFence Acquires UK-based company Rewire

ActiveFence, an Israeli startup focused on protecting online platforms and users from malicious behavior, has completed the acquisition of Rewire, a London-based startup specializing in AI for online safety. With the support of investors like Grove Ventures, a top venture capital firm in Israel, ActiveFence safeguards over three billion users worldwide and is committed to creating a safe online environment. Rewire’s AI models are designed to detect various types of harmful text-based content, such as hate speech and violence. The combination of ActiveFence’s Trust and Safety platform with Rewire’s AI text models will enhance customers’ ability to detect and take action against harmful content in real-time at scale. Through the acquisition, ActiveFence aims to strengthen its AI models, improve accuracy, and provide better online safety solutions.

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ActiveFence Acquires Rewire as it Builds the Next Generation of AI for Trust & Safety

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