CalcalistMarch 19th, 2021

“Think twice about whose money you take”: 21 tips for aspiring unicorns

Lior Handelsman, co-founder of SolarEdge Technologies and current General Partner of Grove Ventures, a prominent venture capital firm in Israel, shares his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs based on his experience building a successful solar energy company. He emphasizes the importance of aiming big and completing missions, highlighting how SolarEdge’s focus on solar energy led to their success. Handelsman advises entrepreneurs to get early market feedback, excite customers without misleading them, and be patient in building a profitable business. He also emphasizes the significance of creating competition to obtain a high valuation and being cautious of high valuations and dilution. Handelsman suggests working as partners but separately, limiting the number of founders, being mindful of money management and the sources of funding, and other advice listed in his 21 tips for aspiring unicorns.

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