BloombergJuly 1st, 2022

Quantum Source goes out of Stealth to enable useful Photonic Quantum Computers with millions of Qubits

Israel-based quantum computing company Quantum Source (QS) has emerged from stealth mode with a $15 million seed investment round, co-led by venture capital funds Grove Ventures, Pitango First, and Eclipse Ventures. QS aims to develop photonic technology that will enable large-scale quantum computers with millions of qubits, making them 50,000 times more efficient than current implementations. The company was founded by three serial entrepreneurs and a professor from the Weizmann Institute of Science, and it employs physicists and engineers, with fifteen holding PhD degrees. Quantum Source’s vision is to revolutionize industries by accelerating drug development, shortening time-to-market for pharmaceuticals, and optimizing treatment for complex diseases through the use of quantum computers.

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