CTechDecember 28th, 2023

Lotan Levkowitz at Roadshow+ on How Companies Can Best Prepare for the Year Ahead

Grove Ventures’ General Partner Lotan Levkowitz was interviewed by James Spiro from CTech about how companies can best prepare for the year ahead at Calcalist, CTech, and PoalimTech’s Roadshow+ event.

“We believe that the current market environment is exactly the kind that can bring the companies that will last for generations.” – Lotan Levkowitz

Levkowitz emphasizes the importance for founders to focus on fundamental aspects such as having the right products, targeting the appropriate market, and addressing real critical needs. He suggests that, amidst the competitive landscape, founders should build their companies efficiently and move away from the herd to attract better talent and potentially grow a significant business. Grove Ventures, as part of an event, heard pitches from 18 Israeli startups seeking connections, introductions, and potential funding.

>> Click here to listen to the full interview originally published on CTech: https://newmedia.calcalist.co.il/conferences/2023/roadshow/index.htm

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