YnetJanuary 2nd, 2024

Grove Ventures’ Dov Moran at Israel’s Future Scientists Program

Managing Partner of Israeli VC fund Grove Ventures, Dov Moran, took part in the Future Scientists program, meeting with and mentoring Israel’s next generation of scientists and sharing the story of inventing the USB flash drive.

Moran met with Chen Mechel and Michal Rosengarten, a graduate and a student of ‘Odyssey’, a program for academic studies in the sciences supported by the Israeli Ministry of Education and the Center for Future Scientists of the Maimonides Foundation, for gifted and outstanding high school students. The program includes academic studies in the fields of science alongside experience in research laboratories and allows its participants to integrate into the academic and research arena, and be exposed to experiences in the high-tech and biotechnology industry.

At the meeting, the students and Dov talked about the need that led to the invention of the USB flash drive and how the program contributes to the development of the skills and abilities of the scientists of the future.

>> Click here to read the full article originally published on Ynet (Hebrew): https://www.ynet.co.il/environment-science/article/s1tzgdg006

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