GlobesOctober 14th, 2020

Dov Moran on Adopting Other People’s Solutions to Develop Even Bigger Technological Breakthroughs (Hebrew)

In his time at M-Systems, Dov Moran reflects on the significance of adopting other people’s solutions. He recalls a past encounter with Eli Harari, the other co-founder of SanDisk, who had a different approach to technology. While M-Systems had developed a software-based solution for disk imaging using Intel components, SanDisk’s flash memory product required an expensive controller. The struggle for standardization and SanDisk’s eventual move towards a different standard highlighted the challenges faced by smaller companies like M-Systems when competing with larger industry players. Moran highlights how we can use this example of adopting other people’s solutions in order to develop even bigger technological breakthroughs. 

 >> Click here to read the full article in Hebrew originally published in Globes:

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