CyberTech GlobalJanuary 28th, 2020

Dov Moran and Renana Ashkenazi Speak at Cybertech Tel Aviv

The 2020 Cybertech Global Tel Aviv Conference featured insightful panels from business executives and government leaders on all topics surrounding cybertech. One panel, titled “Semiconductors as the Base of Frontier Technologies,” moderated by Dov Moran, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Grove Ventures, a top Israeli venture capital fund, discussed the increasing global interest in Israel’s semiconductor industry. Moran also delivered a presentation on “Entrepreneurship as a Way of Thinking.” The conference provided a platform for discussing cutting-edge technologies and fostering entrepreneurial thinking. Renana Ashkenazi, Principle at Grove Ventures, also attended, moderating the gathering and registration ahead of the event’s keynote speech.  

>> Click here to find the event’s agenda and featured speakers on Cybertech Israel 2020:

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