BizportalSeptember 5th, 2023

Grove Ventures’ Managing Partner Dov Moran on the importance of investing in computational infrastructure at Israel’s Economic Convention

VC Grove Venture‘s Managing Partner, Dov Moran, joined a panel with Senior Country Director (Israel) and General Manager of Artificial Intelligence at NVIDIA, Nati Amsterdam, and Kaltura’s Co-founder and President, Dr. Michal Tsur at Israel’s Economic Convention, BizPortal’s conference on the future of high-tech in Israel. The panel, led by by Matan Hodorov from Channel 13 News Israel, discussed NVIDIA’s investments in Israel’s computing infrastructure capabilities, emphasizing the country’s many AI and technology companies. Dov insists, “Increasing investment in computational infrastructure is the fuel for this industry”. The panel also discussed factors that impact startup funding in this economy, the AI Revolution in Israel, the exciting advancements in supercomputers, and the challenges of today’s markets.

>> Click here to read the full article originally published in Bizportal (Hebrew):

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