Prof. Uriel Levy

Senior Advisor


Prof. Uriel Levy is the head of the nano-opto lab and the director of the center for nanoscience and nanotechnology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. His research spans over diverse aspects of nanophotonics and light-matter interactions, with a focus on device-oriented research. Over the years, he pioneered several key concepts in nanophotonics, including silicon-based photodetection in the short wave infrared (SWIR), nanoscale polarization optics, and the chip-scale atomic vapor technology.

His research covers both fundamentals of light-matter interactions, as well as diverse applications in imaging, communications, sensing and metrology, energy harvesting, memories, displays and other chip scale optoelectronic devices. Prof. Levy has strong ties to the industry and a proven track record in tech transfer. Prof. Levy is the co-founder of TriEye, where he is developing CMOS based cost-effective SWIR imaging solutions for the automotive industry and for other verticals. He was also a co-founder and a VP R&D of Civcom, where he developed solutions for optical telecommunications. Over the years, Prof. Levy published over 150 journal papers, presented his results in hundreds of lectures and currently holds dozens of patents. Prof. Levy is a fellow of the optical society of America and is the recipient of several notable honors, including the Kaye Innovation Award, an ERC consolidator grant, the President Young Investigator Award of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the Rothschild Post-Doctoral Fellowship. He holds a BSc in Physics and Materials Science from the Technion and a PhD in Electro Optics from the Tel Aviv University. Prior to joining the Hebrew University, he spent nearly four years as a researcher in the University of California, San Diego.