Lotan Levkowitz - Grove venture

Lotan Levkowitz

General Partner

Lotan has been an early-stage technology investor since 2012 in IoT, Enterprise SW, Cloud Infrastructure, DevOps, and Vertical AI.

Prior to joining Grove Ventures, Lotan was a Strategic Consultant at TASC, an international management consultancy firm where he focused on the Telecommunication sector. Lotan served as a commander in an elite Israeli Air Force Intelligence unit. During his service, he was honored with an Award of Excellence and was a member of a team that was nominated for a Lifetime Achievement Award by the head of Unit 8200 (Israel’s NSA).

He currently serves on the boards of 3DSignals, Lumigo, RapidAPI, Navina, ActiveFence and Beyondminds.

Lotan holds a Bachelor of Law degree (LLB) and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree (BA) from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel.