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    Senior OSINT Analyst
About Us:
    ActiveFence identifies and tracks harmful content online. We support technology platforms, corporate enterprises, NGOs and governments as they fight terror, hate speech, disinformation, child sexual abuse, and other malicious activities on the internet, protecting the public online and offline.

    Using AI-powered technology and a cross-platform approach, ActiveFence accesses and monitors hidden sources of chatter in the deep and dark web in order to counter malicious activities online. ActiveFence has become a trusted partner to a variety of organizations in the battle against bad actors across the globe.

Job Responsibilities
    As an Osint Analyst in ActiveFence, you will use your internet-fluency, online resourcefulness, broad areas of interest, technical skills and hacker-like thinking to solve puzzles and lawfully access difficult-to-come-by open-source data from the deep-web.

    You’re a white-hat hacker or assume you could be a great one. You enjoy finding things online and nothing would stop you from finding answers. You are comfortable with data, a highly technical environment, and high-stakes challenges. You like to work on several topics simultaneously and learn new things. Fast.

    You’ll be profiling existing and emerging threats on the Internet, the public and our partners. You will be analyzing malicious activities online while getting to their sources and distribution methods. You’ll be coming up with solutions to stop these activities from happening by gathering intelligence.

Job Duties
  • Data mining and advanced analysis – conducting high-level Open Source Intelligence investigations as well as creating ad-hoc reports on different topics in order to support the sales, intelligence and R&D efforts of the company.
  • Analyzing a huge amount of data sets and providing meaningful insights.
  • Researching new platforms and be able to clearly train other function of the company about it.
  • Identify emerging and persistent trust and safety threats to our customers.
  • Regularly monitor third party websites, forums, mailing lists, messaging apps groups and more for information and come up with methods to automate their collection on an ongoing basis.
  • Assist our product and intelligence teams to understand our customers’ needs better by tracking their pains, following industry trends and communicating their needs.
Skills and Qualifications:
  • Independent character, ability to execute and deliver based on ideas.
  • Extensive experience ( in WEBINT / OSINT methodologies (4+ years).
  • Scripting knowledge.
  • Excellent Excel/Google sheets skills.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills and ability to communicate technical details in a clear, comprehensible manner.
  • Fluent English.
  • Customer-oriented with a proactive approach.
  • Intelligence Background – an advantage.
  • Capable of working on harsh content.

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