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About Us:
    ActiveFence identifies and tracks harmful content online. We support technology platforms, corporate enterprises, NGOs and governments as they fight terror, hate speech, disinformation, child sexual abuse, and other malicious activities on the internet, protecting the public online and offline.

    Using AI-powered technology and a cross-platform approach, ActiveFence accesses and monitors hidden sources of chatter in the deep and dark web in order to counter malicious activities online. ActiveFence has become a trusted partner to a variety of organizations in the battle against bad actors across the globe.

Job Responsibilities
    One of our practice areas is information operations. Specifically, we work to detect and analyze disinformation and misinformation campaigns for customers who want to protect their users and reputation from bodies who actively seek to spread fake news for political influence or other motives.

    We are looking for researchers who will work on our information operations team to uncover and analyze disinformation campaigns. Specifically, these individuals will work with our OSINT analysts to analyze influence operation leads in order to understand extent, scope, motivations, origins of disinformation campaigns. Specifically, researchers will be responsible for:

  • Telling the ‘story’ of the networks and influence operations we find in a compelling way
  • Conducting narrative analyses to better understand the goals of the campaign creators
  • Conducting geopolitical analysis to understand how influence operations align with state actor interests or other relevant bodies
  • Conducting other non-technical research associated with the campaigns
  • Pressure testing analyst findings and working together to further the OSINT work around a particular network
  • Creating customer-facing presentations/ whitepapers/ documents and presenting findings regularly (phone or in-person)
Skills and Qualifications:
  • Excellent research, storytelling and writing abilities
  • Experience in analyzing disinformation campaigns – huge plus
  • Political science background, broad geopolitical understanding – huge plus
  • Native English speaker – huge plus
  • Hands-on experience in intelligence analysis – plus
  • Organized, motivated, great at cross-functional work
  • Amazing attention to detail
  • Able to work in a fast paced, dynamic environment
  • Experience in any of the following is a huge plus: OSINT, cyber, malware, mobile, online marketing, consulting, investigative journalism, experience at global enterprises

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